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1/3rd of food gets lost or wasted every year globally…..

1.3 Bn Tonnes


$2.6 Tn




… A Global problem getting out of hand!!

A new protective layer that prevents food waste

A better, stronger, and superior natural protective layer that:

  • increases shelf life by 2-3x 
  • reduces current wastage by 1/3rd 
  • increases food security. 

We are borrowing from the very same nature with the advancements in science with our all-natural protective layer that mimicks a very simple law of nature; 

‘It keeps the moisture in and oxygen out’

Thereby slowing down the spoiling process of fruit and veggies that leads to waste.

Using Existing Waste to Prevent Future Waste!!


sustainable & derived from waste

Natural & Edible

Derived from plants

Easy to

no solvents, adaptable to existing assembly lines

Environment Friendly

Good for the planet


antimicrobial, moisture retainer

Combining nature and science to deliver a powerful protection

  • Suppresses respiration
  • Retards dehydration
  • Improves texture quality
  • Helps retain volatile flavor compounds
  • Reduces microbial contamination
  • Adds functional properties (antioxidant, nutraceutical,flavor)

More About Us

We are an agri-tech innovation startup, with experience in Food & Agriculture, at the grassroots farm level and at the consumer spectrum side as well. 

And are solving this humongous challenge of food waste, one small step at a time. We call ourselves a waste prevention company that follows the circular nature, using waste to prevent waste. 

We believe in utilizing the resources that farmers have grown, that nature has provided, that science and technology have created, and fusing them to solve massive, global challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greenskn
We are borrowing from the very same nature with the advancements in science to provide for a better, stronger, and superior natural protective layer that will stay on the fruit for much longer and that will increase shelf life by 2-3x, reduce current wastage by 1/3rd and increase food security.
What is Greenskn made of?
Greenskn is 100% plant-based and is a biopolymer made from natural extracts that can be found in existing wastes of peels, pulp and discarded produce.
How Does it Help?
Reduction in weight loss and an improvement in fruits' firmness. • Reduction in respiration rates and ethylene production, which delay senescence. • Prevention of injuries related to chilling and storage. • Reduction of the use of packaging material. • Encapsulation of aroma compounds, antioxidants, and pigments that stop browning reactions. • Improvement of external appearance by providing an extra shine in the surface of the fruit
How Do We Use It?
We add a protective layer that is cyclical and plant-based, tasteless, colorless, odorless on the surface of fruits and vegetables. This is applied to the product either through spray coating based or the dipping methodology based on the scale of the operations.
Is it Safe for Consumption?
Greenskn is absolutely safe for consumption, its vegan, halal, kosher and made from plant-based extracts
How is it different from other coatings available in the market?
Greenskn is derived from 100% sustainable sources and is tasteless, odorless, colorless and edible making it a foolproof layer that protects your fruit without the hazards of any chemicals or artificial compounds.
How does Greenskn help to save waste?
Greenskn substantially increases the shelf life of the product which gives ample bandwidth for various stakeholders to make it reach the consumer ensuring that less food is wasted due to supply chain issues.
Does it impact the harvesting time?
These days, in most cases, fruits are typically being harvested earlier than their natural ripening state to keep their shelf life stable which severely compromises the nutritional quality. With Greenskn.com fruits can be harvested as they naturally ripen which pushes their nutrition density and keeps them fresh and stable for a longer time duration.


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